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Indeed, he maintains that 2020 will remain a year of “strategic crisis” for logistics managers aiming for a sustainable business plan with their 3PL partners. From automotive to contract logistics, warehousing, outsourcing, planning and customs clearance, you will always find the right solution with the Rhenus Group. So, outsourcing to a 3PL has significant benefits – still, it is an extensive decision as a company that partners with a 3PL cede ownership of their supply chain to outside control. This makes it imperative that businesses choose a 3PL partner with deep knowledge of the manufacturer’s or retailer’s industry.

  • We utilize track and trace capabilities to keep customers informed on their shipments at all times.
  • Furthermore, she advises shippers to define the relationship from the outset and have an exit strategy if things don’t work out.
  • As a family-owned business, it is particularly important for the Rhenus Group to focus on the wishes and needs of its customers.
  • Today, the organization maintains over 75 million square feet of storage and distribution space in over 65 countries, including 14 million square feet in the United States.
  • While many organizations seek to simplify and streamline their supply chains to maximize efficiency and profitability, reducing redundancy can also introduce risk, fragility, and an increased potential for disruption.

We work with you to develop a logistics solution that meets your specific needs. Atomix provides third-party logistics to a direct-to-consumer apparel brand. They assist the client from packaging their unique boxes to shipping their products to their consumers. Clarkston Consulting provided consulting services to a food distributor. The company provided advice and helped the client select a new ERP, which was SAP HANA. Additionally, they suggested areas of improvement for the client and helped complete some backlogged projects.

Services Provided By United Facilities

Launched in 1998, the team provides application management & support, IT managed services, IT strategy consulting, logistics & supply chain consulting, and more. Clarkston Consulting, founded in 1991, is a global business consulting firm headquartered in Durham, N.C. The company has additional offices in Bridgewater, N.J.; Chicago; Atlanta; Roanoke, Va., and Novi, Mich. The company has more than 350 employees who specialize in ERP Consulting and SI, digital strategy, and IT strategy consulting.

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This service has evolved over the years into a highly specialized area that can be implemented as a standard management solution, a specific industry solution, or as a custom designed solution for a specific customer requirement. In both the domestic and global front, the consolidation trend in the third-party logistics industry remains a gathering storm – with record merger and acquisition activity being reported across all sectors. For large retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, US Logistics has an alternative to LTL for moving your inbound materials and merchandise into your fulfillment centers. Nippon Yusen is a Japanese shipping company owned by the Mitsubishi Corporation. Tsukumo Shokai Shipping was founded to transport passengers between Yokohama and Shanghai. Nippon Express, also known as ‘Nittsu’ in Japan, is a Japanese logistics firm. It was founded in 1937 when Kokusai Tsu-un KK, six other rivals, and a slew of other small-scale logistics firms in Japan merged.

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We providethird-party logistics management servicesand serve as regional distribution centers for Fortune 100 companies, especially those in the consumer reviews goods and automotive sectors. Their team offers packaging design, contract manufacturing, logistics & supply chain consulting, and fulfillment.

As they say, every 3PL’s best customer is another 3PL’s best prospect. Switch to your chosen country or regional website and discover our services for each location. Our Management Team is composed of fully experienced professionals responsable of providing leadership to the company. ILG Logistics with offices in each Central America countries, and partners around the world, is one of the largest Regional Logistics Companies.

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